In spite of the financial difficulties that the Community Council has to deal with, it already has completed several infrastructure and beautification projects for the community. The goal of all the projects that were done, as well as of those that are scheduled, is the upgrading of the community and its conversion into a modern and humane village. Some of the projects that have been completed are the following:

  1. Construction of the community’s sewerage system.
  2. Widening of the main road that joins Palaichori with Askas and Fterikoudi.
  3. Construction of the CTO plaza.
  4. Creation of the Missing Person’s “Christakis Ioannou” park, which includes a playground so that the children can safely play, areas of green, a fountain, and lighting. The park offers a panoramic view of the region.
  5. Reconditioning of the village’s old Girl’s School and its conversion to a communal building hat will include the offices of the Community Council, a Health Centre, and the Holy Cross plaza with restrooms and verdant areas.
  6. Naming and numbering of all of the community’s streets
  7. Two new drills for the irrigation of the crofts.
  8. Police Station, school, traditional olive mill and Fountain renovation.
  9. Creation of two new parking lots. One will be placed next to the church and will include an outdoor area for events. The other will be at the village’s exit toward Fterikoudi.

Some of the scheduled projects are:

  1. Creation of a central road, which will cross through the village, so as to make the trafficking of vehicles easier.
  2. Purchase of a building within the village and its conversion into a multi-purpose area for events / exhibitions.
  3. Completion of the paved areas inside the village
  4. Supplying of electric power throughout the entire residential zone.
  5. Completion of the project for the community’s water supply.
  6. Another two drills for the irrigation of the crofts.