Costas Efstathiou (1913-1987) was born in Askas. After graduating from Primary School, he attended the Pangyprio Gymnasium and then the Higher School of Fine Arts in Athens.

He lived in Athens until 1940 where he presented three personal exhibitions of works of art, while next he presented another exhibition in Cyprus. Later on, in 1945-46, according to a testimony given by his brother Ioannis Stathis and which is presented by Sofia Ioannou*, he opened a carpet and textiles factory. However, he had to close down the factory and afterwards Efstathiou decided to isolate himself in Askas. There, he devoted himself to painting using, as Ioannou characteristically writes again based on his brother’s testimony, materials such as cartons or pieces of wood instead of canvas. What is also worth mentioning is that he donated many of his works to friends and acquaintances.

Efstathios Orfanides was born in 1948 and grew up in Askas. He held various positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as diplomatic positions overseas from 1971 until 1999 and from 2003 until 2005, while at the same time he participated in committees of both international and regional conventions. From 1999 until 2003 he served as Consul General of Cyprus in Toronto of Canada, while later on as Ambassador of the Republic of Cyprus in Syria. Moreover, Efstathios Orfanides was decorated with the medal of “The Seneschal of the Order of the Phoenix” by the former president of the Republic of Greece, Mr. Constantinos Stefanopoulos.

Sofia Ioannou, Askas through time, Lefkosia 2007